Friday, September 24, 2010


One thing I tend to hear a ton from people is the word TRY. "I am going to TRY and make it to the gym".............." I will TRY and eat better".........................."I am going to TRY and reach my goals" are some of the most used. Don't TRY and do it!!!! To me TRY stands for

T alking about
R eaching
Y our goals


T hinking about
R eaching
Y our goals

I want action from you! Don't Try and eat it! TRY is what people say to make it seem like they are going to put max effort into doing something but without the obligation of saying " I am" or " I will ". Trying is like putting 50% of your effort into accomplishing a goal. Next time don't TRY and workout......... but simply workout! YOU will eat better, YOU will workout harder and YOU will get your sleep. Its about making things happen and taking action to reach what you want. Go dominate.


  1. This reminded me of when I heard a motivational speaker explain that when you say,"try" you are already saying you will not succeed. He was very good, also had a long thing about changing attitude by changing all of your " have to" & "got to" into "I get to." By saying, "I get to" every time, makes the task more enjoyable & reminds you that there are always others who aren't able to! So I get to wake up and I get to go to the gym & I get to go to work!!