Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 Common mistakes when training the shoulders

1) Going too heavy- You often see those guys in the gym with horrible form when doing military presses. They look like they are working the legs as much as they are the shoulders. Drop the weight and focus on the proper form and you will get better results!

2) Forgetting about your rear delts-
Everyone does shoulder presses and blasts their front delts but tend to neglect their rear delts. To better improve your shoulder health and posture you should add rear delt work to your routines. Bent over raises and reverse flys are two things you can do.

3) Doing chest and shoulder days back to back-When you do chest workouts your shoulders are heavily involved as a main stabilizer and get a good amount of workload especially if your doing incline presses. Make sure to give yourself more rest between days if you plan to work the shoulders.

4) Not working the shoulders at different angles
-Hit your shoulders from numerous angles to target all the fibers of the deltoid. Do front raises, lateral raises, and bent over raises. Try lifting your arm at a different angle when doing the basic lateral raise. I like using the cable pulley machine for this.

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