Monday, June 13, 2011

Shaking some boredom from todays workout...........

Don't do your normal boring regular old routine today. Instead I want you to scrap whatever workout you were going to do and change things up. We all like to be in a routine in life and it just so happens the same holds true in the gym. Lets face it you start to do what is comfortable and next thing you know you never take that step outside your comfort zone. Maybe you are not even excited for today's workout, maybe you are even dreading it because of the monotony of the whole thing. Below I have given some ideas for you on how to change your workout for today. Who knows maybe a change will do you good.

A) If you usually do splits like back/biceps..or chest/triceps

TRY-Doing back/chest or back/triceps

** Note that doing body part splits is best suited for those looking to gain muscle mass.

B) If you do a certain exercise and or muscle group at the end of the workout

TRY-Doing that at the beginning when fresh and you will see better performance.

C) If you never do supersets or compound sets

TRY-Using both in your workout to amp up the intensity

Superset example- Dumbbell row with squat

Compound set example- Dumbbell chest press with barbell chest press

D) You do nothing but high reps

TRY-Doing nothing but low reps and heavy weight. You will stimulate new muscle and and challenge the body in a new way. Sometimes it feels good to get a heavy day in.

E) You do a low amount of sets.....say 3 sets of 8

TRY-Increasing training volume by doing more sets.....try 6 sets of 8 ( of course you might need to cut down the weight towards the end )

F) You run then lift weights

TRY-Hitting the weights first so you are not maximal strength and then hit your cardio for a brief 10-15 min interval session. This will be more effective and help you potentially burn more fat in your cardio session than carbs.

G) You don't actually workout hard

TRY-Working hard for once and see how much potential you are missing out on!

H) You workout for hours upon hours

TRY-Getting out of the gym within 45min. Cut down on the rest time and pick exercises that hit more muscle fibers and stimulate more growth in less time. Examples are variations of the squat, deadlift, presses and pullups and rows.

Now make it happen and do this today!

Go Dominate


  1. I should have seen this before I went to the gym. A sub-optimal lifting day that I thought I might be able to salvage with a run...also turned out to be sub-optimal. Everything was hard this morning and it shouldn't have been since I was well-rested. WTF?

  2. First of all, GREAT picture! You'll always get to me with baby pics! :) And, second, great advice, of course. I have, in fact, been yawning anticipating my planned workout today, so I'm gonna mix it up. Thanks!
    - Sharon

  3. Monday should be big workout day......weekend of usually bad eating and not so much activity. It is the start of your week.....kick things in gear and GO DOMINATE! Make it happen!