Thursday, June 2, 2011

Think down go down

Is a saying I like to tell my clients. Sure it might sound a little corny, but the fact is it is true. Not every workout can be stellar and amazing. It is those days when you feel at your weakest, most tired, lazy and down right exhausted that you will need to be mentally the strongest. The body follows the mind and to begin your workout and or day with a negative mindset will sabotage everything. If you grab that first dumbbell or start that first minute on the bike and instantly think to yourself how bad the workout with suck and how horrible you feel.......well the workout will suck and you will feel horrible....end of story. The mindset must be there from the start in order for you to stay focused. You never want to have a mindless workout. By this I mean do not do things just to do them because this will lead to bad workouts and a lost mindset. Imprint in your brain why you are working out and what purpose it is serving you. It is ok to acknowledge that maybe you don't have your "A" game but that does not entitle you to drag yourself both mentally and physically through your routine. When working out we are looking to get the most return on our investment. Your putting in the work and time and therefore you want to get everything you possibly can. So if you feel yourself starting off your workout with a bad mindset remember that you are in control and you can shift your focus to be more positive. Think up to go up!

Go Dominate.

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  1. "The body follows the mind," is so true! Mental strength is what gives us our physical strength. Thanks for this! -- Sharon