Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Try this workout if your tired of yours

If you are bored with your workout today and your goal is weight loss or just to get in the best shape possible then give this a try. You will hit every major muscle group in this workout.

A1) ANY PULL MOVEMENT ( Row, pulldown, pullup, etc )-12 reps
A2) ANY LEG MOVEMENT ( variations of squat, deadlift, press, lunge, step-up etc )-12 reps
A4) ANY PUSH MOVEMENT ( pushups, shoulder exercises. chest press variations)-12 reps
A5) ANY LEG MOVEMENT ( something different than you did for A2 )-12 reps
A7) ANY PULL MOVEMENT ( something different than you did for A1 )-12 reps
A8) YOUR CHOICE ( pick something you need the extra work, biceps, triceps, legs, etc )-12 reps

Take rest if you need after doing all 8 exercises but try and start round 2 as quick as you can. Each round you will drop the reps by 1. So it would like this:

Round 1-12 reps
Round 2-11 reps
Round 3-10 reps
Round 4-9reps
............You get the picture

Your goal is to see how many rounds you can get in 45 minutes. If you you did 5 rounds and ended with doing 8 reps of everything then next time you do this workout try and do 6 rounds. Every workout you can also try and decrease your rest time between rounds.

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