Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Make it happen.......NOW!!!!

What are you waiting for you? Why havent you gotten yourself in the best shape of your life yet? Are you scared? Are you waiting for the perfect time? Dont know what first step to take?

Whatever your doing right now stop and think about where you would like to be. Challenge yourself here, how much better could you become? You can control your next step and not make it like any other step, you can bring on a new way of thinking, new way of doing and new way of life! Anyone can talk about doing something tomorrow or a week from now or month from now but not everyone can take action and get things done! Those who take action become successful. Dont be ordinary like everyone else, be better.....dominate!

Let me know what action you take today~



  1. Hired a ACSM-certified trainer last week. 6 month plan in place.

  2. Hank, did you ever start a weekend bootcamp in the suburbs?
    Hope all is going well -- great job with your blog, I really enjoy it!