Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoulder health with Mike Kelly

Here is a guest post from Mike Kelly, a good friend, and great physical therapist.

By: Mike Kelly

The shoulder joint is a "ball and socket" joint in which the humeral head(ball) moves upon the small glenoid surface on the scapula(socket). The large humeral head requires a significant amount of stability in this space, and the rotator cuff serves this function. The deltoid is the primary mover in many regions, but if the deltoid overpowers the rotator cuff or poor postures are used, it can alter the mechanics of this joint structure and can cause rotator cuff lesions and shoulder dysfunction.

The video describes just a few of the exercises necessary for proper rotator cuff strength. For proper shoulder health, these need to be incorporated with scapular strengthening along with other rotator cuff exercises. These are just a sampling of key exercises.

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  1. Really helpful, especially seeing it in the video. Thanks to you and Mike.