Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eat better at work-7 strategies

1) Load up on healthy foods over the weekend- if you have it in your house you will have no excuse not to have food around to bring the next day. Odds are you might not have time to run back and forth to the store so get your food in one shot.

2) Make extra-When you cook dinner, cook extra for yourself to bring the next day. Not only will you save money by not eating out but you will save some extra pounds of your body.

3) Keep healthy snacks-Don't load up your desk with candy and chips, but instead with nuts, string cheese, healthy bars, yogurt and so on. What is in reach will be what you eat.

4) Look ahead when you eat out-If you must go out to eat then do your research ahead of time. Everyone has that bit of time at work when they read Facebook and other sites, so instead read the menus of local places and figure out your healthiest options. Look for:

* Lean meats
* Broth-based soups
* Greens with olive oil and vinegar dressings

5) Eat away from your desk-It has been shown people eat more when they sit down and eat at their desk. Eating at your desk will lead you to ignore fullness signals from your body making it easier to overeat.

6) Set a goal-How often will you bring your lunch is a good starting goal.

7) Eat breakfast! This is the start of your work day. Eat breakfast and you eat less throughout the day end of story.

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  1. I find that drinking a large glass of water before eating is helpful in curbing the food intake. also, taking a sip in between every bite is also good. and it is good for your kidneys, too!