Sunday, October 9, 2011

H4 Fat Burner # 17- Simple 6 exercise routine

Get your dynamic warm up in before starting this
A1) Barbell twist shoulder press ( watch the third exercise in the below video )-8 reps per arm
A2) Kettlebell or Dumbbell deadlift-10 reps

Do 4 straight rounds without rest then move into B

B1) Inverted row-10 reps
B2) Cable rope backward "sled drags " ( Put the cable pulley at the very bottom and attach a rope. Facing the cable grab the rope and keeping your arms straight with a slight bend walk backwards away from the cable trying to push through the floor. Walk as far back as the weight stack allows before you walk slowly back in. This would equal 1 rep)-4 reps

Do 4 straight rounds without rest then move into C

C1) Rear foot elevated spilt squat ( elevate the back foot on a bench and place your front foot out in front of you. Start in the bottom position with your back knee on the ground and under your hip. Grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them on your side while you stand up to a tall position)-8 reps per side
C2) Cable standing chops ( put the cable at just below chest height and keeping hips and lower body locked )-15 reps each side

Do 4 straight rounds without rest

Now go back and do 3 rounds of each of the 3 combinations. Then go back and do 2 rounds of each, then go and do 1 round of each.

** You could also start at 3 and work your way down to 1 instead of starting with 4 sets.


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