Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween random thoughts.....

  • New take on deviled eggs-A friend of mine Brian Barkely introduced me to his version of this traditional dish. Take hard boiled eggs and remove the yolk just like you would for deviled eggs. Next, spoon in red pepper hummus into the empty eggs and dash on some paprika. It is the red pepper hummus that really does it. Not only is this better for you than the classic deviled egg it can be a great high protein snack.

  • When doing straight arm pull downs. try using a V shaped or curved bar to get better activation on the lats.

  • Your hamstrings respond best to low reps and your glutes respond best to medium to high reps.

  • Want quick advice to drop weight and lean out? Cut out the 3 whites. White bread, white salt and white flour.

  • Love Emeralds cocoa roast dark chocolate dusted almonds. Taste great and basically no sugar.As always with nuts watch out for the fat and calories of course.

  • Some motivation for you- Rocky 4 training montage...might be the best ever

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