Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick 3 considerations for fat loss

1) Your workouts need to be frequent- I realize this is obvious but it needs to happen if you want the best results. Working out more frequently will give you a more elevated metabolic rate therefore you will burn more calories.

2) Training sessions need to be under 45 minutes-You have to remember that you will be starting each workout in a energy deficit since you will be cutting your calories on a fat loss plan. The fact that your energy levels will be lower wont allow you to keep up a high intensity workout for anything over 45 minutes or so. I by no means am saying not to push it however! If your workouts are designed well enough then by the 45 minute mark you should be gassed anyways.

3) Center your workouts around exercises that are the most effective for fat loss-
Some exercises are just better suited for fat loss more than others are. Any multi-joint exercise will usually reign supreme. Below are some of the money exercises that should be included in any stud fat loss program.

Any variations of the below exercises works of course
*Pull-ups ( or any full body pull like inverted rows, chins )
* Push presses, presses in general
* Squats
* Cleans



  1. GREAT advice, all of it. I have to say I kinda snicker when I see obviously overweight people doing something like isolated triceps extensions. Like you say, for weight loss, multi-joint exercises are a much better use of time!

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