Monday, October 17, 2011

Random thoughts....

  • I will give you the biggest secret to getting the best results you have ever it is- WORK HARD, STAY FOCUSED AND KEEP MENTALLY STRONG. That's it, seems really simple and it is, just hard to execute it and that is were people fail.

  • Fix your own oatmeal-More and more people seem to be getting their oatmeal from fast food joints and restaurants when it is super simple to do themselves. Buy a quality brand from Whole Foods/Trader Joe's and cook it in the microwave briefly ( I know microwaves are awful but just deal ) and then add sliced almond,dried natural cranberries and top it with some cinnamon. BOOM DONE!

  • 2 things to focus on for losing weight and getting lean-VEGGIES and PROTEIN.

  • Take a break from deadlifting and squatting and start doing single leg versions of both. Start off with body weight of each and work on form. Benefits are less stress on the lumbar spine, improves the musculature around the knee and stability.

  • Check out this motivational video-


  1. I love to cook my oatmeal with unsweetened almond milk; it adds richness and creaminess for very low sugar/cals. Also, none of the evidence against microwaves has convinced me that they're bad. Unless they're defective, they're a great way to cook quickly and healthily and actually help veggies retain more of their nutrients than some "traditional" cooking methods.

  2. Great advice. Here's another healthy nutrition idea: if you like bagels, lox and cream cheese.. try this alternate but every bit as tasty. Toast a slice of whole grain bread, layer on low-fat cottage cheese, and cover with wild caught smoked salmon. A completely delicious and nutritous alternative to the traditional.

  3. Sharon love the advice and tip with the almond milk!

    The salmon recipe sounds great too!

    Thanks for the comments!