Wednesday, February 1, 2012

E.O.M-Glute thrusters


February's exercise of the month is the glute thruster a great exercise that everyone should add into their program. The glutes are sooooooo important and this is one of the best exercises to target them.I was first introduced to this exercise by Bret Contreras who is simply known as "The glute guy "check him out at his site

Why do glute work? Well its simple the glutes are the largest and most powerful muscle in the human body! Actually I should say the glutes have the potential to be the most powerful muscle....most of us suffer from glute amnesia ( or lack of a butt ) these days. But if your goal is strength and size then it is a no brainer to work the glutes. Having strong glutes also will help keep your back healthy! And of course....ladies who doesn't want a great looking butt! So work your glutes!

Before doing the thrusters you should make sure you are able to perform the basic glute bridge off the floor in order to progress to this exercise so make sure you are good with that first. I would also suggest trying to do these first without the weight across the hips and then progress to weight. The best way to set up yourself is to get a bench and place yourself perpendicular to it. Position yourself so that everything from the bottom of your shoulder blades and up is on the bench. Let your head stay relaxed and lose. Dig your heals into the ground ( very important to activate the glutes ) and point the toes to the sky. Now thrust the hips up focusing on squeezing the glutes at the top and holding them for a one second pause. That pause at the top is really when you hit the glutes!

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