Monday, February 6, 2012

The Good, The Bad....Foods


Eggs-A large egg has about 7 grams of protein. Don't worry about all the cholesterol and fat talk about egg yolks, the media has over-hyped the issue over the years. A good strategy is to do 2 whites to 1 yolk or just do whites every other day or so.

Oatmeal-Oatmeal can be your carb of choice. It is a great compliment to protein in the morning. Your body has been deprived of food overnight so some slow digesting carbs and protein for breakfast make for a great option. Adding protein powder or sliced almonds makes oatmeal even better! Be careful not to add sugar or any other unhealthy additions. When buying oatmeal stick to the kind that lists "100% natural rolled oats" in the ingredients and thats it! No packets with other garbage in it!

Tuna-It is a staple that is low in fat, cheap, low in carbs and packs a protein punch! Some might say be aware of the mercury levels so I would say eating tuna 1-2x a week and you should be fine.

Cottage cheese-Fat free versions would be best. Cottage cheese is a great source of casein protein, which is a protein that digests slowly therefore giving you a slow and steady release of amino acids into the bloodstream. Cottage cheese is also low in carbs and makes a great nightime snack!

Fruits/Veggies-Provide vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, fiber and more!

Meats- Lean variety is best specifially turkey, chicken, beef and buffalo. In terms of beef, look to buy the kind that has the names "loin" or "round" since those tend to be the leanest.


Natural peanut butter, nuts-Great source of protein. Nuts can be a great portable and easy snack to bring to work and travel with. Just be careful since nuts are very calorie dense and if weight gain is not your goal then make sure to eat in moderation.

Whole grain breads, Sweet potatoes, brown rice-yes better than the white variety but still watch since they are high in carbs

THE BAD-Ok so this might be common sense but you still need to get smacked in the face with this info more often to let it sink in!

High fat/high carb foods-The American diet usually consists of foods under this category and that is why everyone is fat. The combo of meals with a high carb content and high fat content can promote a higher insulin release than when the two are eaten seperatley. The end result will be high levels of insulin, fat and carbs in the blood...not good! We are talking pizza, cookies, ice cream, cakes, pancakes, most chinese and mexican foods.

Fruit juice and pop-Eating fruit is great, drinking fruit juice not so much. It is always better to eat your fruit than drink it. Eating whole fruit you get much more fiber, phytochemicals, nutrients etc. Fruit juice is just an easy way to over consume calories. Remember I am talking about fruit juice concentrate here and not fresh squeezed in your juicer.

Breakfast cereals-I heard once that cereal is like breakfast candy. Most cereals are loaded with sugar and carbs. If you must eat cereal some best options are All Bran Fiber One or Kashii.

*Make adjustments if need be

A1) Pullup ( mixed grip, one palm facing you and the other facing away)-do 6 reps, then switch hand grips and do 6 more, 12 total
A2) Goblet squats with dumbbell-15 reps
A3) Pushups off med ball ( place right hand on ball and left on the ground, do a pushup and then move over to the other side with right hand on the ground and left hand on the ball, equals 1 rep )-10 reps
A4) Deadlift barbell, dumbbell, or kettlebell-12 reps
A5) Core exercise-your choice

**Repeat 4 rounds without rest, take 1-2min rest if you are not conditioned yet

B1) Seated row ( palms up grip )- 15 reps
B2) Alternating front lunges with dumbbells -8 each leg
B3) Standing alternating neutral grip should press with dumbbells ( palms face each other )-12 reps each
B4) Alternating lateral lunge ( bodyweight or weight if needed )-8 each leg
B5) Core exercise of your choice

**Repeat 4 rounds without rest, take 1-2min rest if you are not conditioned yet

To finish you can do some sprints outside, on a track or on the treadmill.

4 sets of quick sprints, 40-50 yards in distance, taking 45 sec between sets. All out sprint!

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