Friday, February 17, 2012

Same muscle group tri-sets-Part 2 Push/Quad/Core

A1) Pushups with feet slightly elevated on box or step-12 reps ( hold at the top for 3 seconds each rep )
A2) Decline barbell bench-8 reps
A3) Flat dumbbell bench press-12 reps ( go for speed and explosiveness )
** Realize you wont be able to do your normal weight on the decline for 8 reps because of the pushups before, so make adjustments and have everything ready to go before starting

Rest 1 min and then go into B

B1) Goblet squats with dumbbell-12 reps
B2) RFE split squats with smith machine-10 reps per leg
B3) Leg press-25 reps
** Leg press, the legs should be shoulder width and avoid getting to deep to keep the back healthy

Rest 1 min then go right into C

C1) Plank push aways-8 reps
C2) Reverse crunches- 10 reps
C3) Side ups-10 each side

Rest 2 min and repeat starting back at group A. Do 4 total rounds of these whole workout


Sprints on the track,bike or treadmill.

Brief sprint work....

Treadmill, bike-20 sec sprints, 40 sec rest x 5

Track-50m sprint, walk back to starting line as rest x 5

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