Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random thoughts.....

  • Aerobic training doesn't do much for fat loss. Sure aerobic training should be included in a fast loss program, however it should not be the focal point. Resistance training and intervals should be a larger portion of what you do.

  • There is no "secret" to fat loss. Eat right, workout hard as hell and get your sleep. The secret is most are not willing to do these things consistently to get results. Sure some programs are better than others, but there is no magic pill.

  • If you are trying to add muscle start doing what Arnold did and work your weak spot first. If you have a weak and underdeveloped back then work the back first thing in your workout. Get your lagging muscles up to speed by emphasizing them first while you have the most energy.

  • If you read while you will never get results. Join a book club. Gym time is not book time, end of story!

  • Pushups to me should be a staple of everyone's program but especially women. Great for the core, shoulders, triceps and chest.

  • Sometimes the easiest way to change your workout is to look at changing your grip. If you always row with your palms down, then switch to palms up. If you press with your palms facing forward, press with your palms facing one another. You get the drift.

  • To me the best 3 exercises for your glutes are- 1) glute thrusters 2) high box step ups 3) Donkey kicks


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