Thursday, February 16, 2012

Same muscle group tri-sets

Below is a format of workouts in which you target a certain muscle group and do 3 exercises in a row which creates a compound effect on that muscle group. This takes up the intensity on whatever you are working and can facilitate a positive change. I usually like to add in these types of workouts after my clients have been doing PHA style routines or my repeated circuits. Going from more of an alternating workout in which generally a upper body exercise is followed by a lower body exercise, this routine blasts the same muscle group for 3 continuous exercises. If your goal is to drop body fat, gain strength or increased muscle mass, you will benefit from adding these types of routines.

I like to do Pull/Hip dom/core on one day, the next workout do push/quad dom/core

A1) Pullup ( wide grip )-6 reps
A2) Inverted row-10 reps
A3) Straight arm pulldown ( bar or bands )-20 reps

Rest 1 min then go right into B

B1) Glute thrusters ( barbell across hips if needed )-10 reps...hold 1 sec at top
B2) Barbell deadlift ( or kettlebell )-12 reps
B3) Long stride lunges ( take longest stride you can, emphasis pushing through heels on the working leg to push back into position )-alternate leg, 15 each

Rest 1 min then go right into C

C1) Band chops-15 reps
C2) Ball reach back crunch -10 reps ( take a med ball if needed, holding the ball overhead reach back with the ball and extend the legs straight out in front of you, keeping them above the ground. Then crunch back up bringing the ball back into the chest )
C3) Reverse crunch-10 reps

Rest 2 min and repeat starting back at group A. Do 4 total rounds of these whole workout


Sprints on the track,bike or treadmill.

Brief sprint work....

Treadmill, bike-20 sec sprints, 40 sec rest x 4

Track-50m sprint, walk back to starting line as rest x 4

Look for Push/Quad dom workout tomorrow

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