Monday, April 30, 2012

Miscellanous Monday

  • Exercise to try-Underhand incline bench press-Grip the barbell with your hands about 14-16 inches apart and with an underhand grip. Lower the bar to about 2 inches below the collar bone and press up slow and controlled. Not only is this method easier on your wrist pronators and flexors but is also great for your triceps.

  • Great bicep routine from Chris Thibaudeau- 1) Isometric preacher curl-get into position so that your forearms are parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 30-45 seconds. If this is too easy then add weight. 2) Alternating standing dumbbell curls-start with your palms facing your body and as you curl up turn them so you finish the move with your palms up. Do 8 reps then drop the weight and finish out with as many more reps as you can. 3) Reverse grip standing bicep curl-Do standard form with 12-15 reps. Take about 90 seconds rest and repeat the whole thing 2-3 more times.

  • Make sure nutrition is your number one priority when it comes to fat loss. Actually I am wrong, nutrition should be both the number one and number two important factor in terms of your fat loss success. It is that important so treat it that way.

  • For women I think it is important to incorporate tricep work in almost every workout. Most women I know don't want to have that fat flab on the back of their arms. 

  •  Start training your glutes, core and back more often. These 3 tend to be weak areas for most and by focusing more time on them you can help yourself out in many ways.


  1. Never even thought to try an underhand grip with an incline bench press. What a great variation.

  2. Although working the upper body is optional it is highly recommended. Comfortable Stride Length: Some newer abdominal exercise machines have the ability to adjust the length of the machine stride.