Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New You!- 3 routines to try

The New Year is here yet again, and it is time for you to get back on track and start dominating again! Below I have given you different routines that I would not recommend for the beginner. If you are starting back into working out for the first time in a long time this new year then these workouts are not for you at this point in time. If you just need a jolt of freshness and new energy in the form of a badass workout then these are for you.

Workout # 1-For the guy who wants a bigger chest and back


Dumbbell chest press-1@ 6 reps ( heavy weight )


Dumbbell chest press-1@ 20 reps ( use 50% lighter weight than you did for 6 reps )

Rest 2 min and repeat 2-3 more times

Incline barbell bench press-1@ 10 reps

Rest 1 min and repeat 4-5 more times

One arm dumbbell row-1@ 10 reps ( pause the weight on the ground for 1 second before driving up)


Seated cable row-1@ 10 reps

Rest 90 seconds and repeat 2-3 more times

Straight arm pulldowns-1@ 12 reps


Straight arm pulldowns-1@ Failure ( use 20-30lbs less than you did for 12 reps )

Rest 90 seconds and repeat 2-3 more times

Seated cable row-1@ 5 reps ( pause for 3 seconds and hold on each rep trying to squeeze your shoulder blades)

Rest 1 min and repeat 2-3 more times



Workout # 2- For the individual who is looking to trim up

Metabolic calorie burner

A1)Pullups ( use assisted machine if needed )-8 reps


A2)Lateral step ups with dumbbells -15 reps each leg

Do 2 rounds without resting. After 2 rounds go right into the below combo.

B1) Standing barbell shoulder press-8 reps


B2) Deadlift-8 reps

Do 2 rounds without rest. After 2 rounds Rest for 2 minutes and then start all over again with the A combo for 2 rounds and then going right into the B combo for 2 rounds before you are done.

C1) Decline dumbbell row-12 reps each


C2) Alternating reverse lunges ( focus on weight needed)-15 reps each leg

Do 2 rounds without rest. After 2 rounds move onto the below combo.

D1) Dips-8 reps


D2) Lateral band chops-15 reps each side

Do 2 rounds without rest. After 2 rounds rest for 2 minutes before starting back over with the C combo for 2 rounds and then back to the D combo for 2.

Finish with:

Bike- 30 seconds full speed ( fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) and then go slow ( "rest" ) for 30 seconds.....repeat this 4 times.

After finishing the bike do:

Ball slams- 15 reps as hard as you can! Rest 30 seconds between 3 sets



Workout # 3- For the ladies looking to lean and firm the legs

Leg sculptor workouts

Enjoy! Go Dominate.


  1. I have tried several of your workout suggestions and they are all just great. Really helped spice up an old, worn-out routine. Thanks very much. Have a great 2011.

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  3. Glad you like the workouts! Dominate in 2011!