Monday, January 31, 2011

The biggest road block to weight loss success

The one thing keeping you from losing the weight is YOU. Yes....It starts and ends with YOU! Even if you know everything about how and what you should be eating, YOU still need to make that choice and execute. Even if you know how to workout and what you should be doing in the gym, YOU still need to go and get through the workout and execute.

Everyone today likes to blame everyone else for their problems and issues. Nobody likes to take ownership and responsibility. Don't be like everyone else........YOU are responsible and YOU can change things. YOU can make it happen just get your mind right and do it! Once YOU decide to eat well and workout and follow the plan then YOU will see the results YOU want.

Go Dominate

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  1. I totally agree Hank! I'm constantly hearing people, even friends and family, complain about wanting to lose weight but they do nothing about it. I feel like being in control of your body is one thing that YOU can determine. Other things in life we can't help, but no one makes you put that cheeseburger in your mouth or drink that 5th beer or lay on the couch. You make a really good point here!