Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drop body fat with this

Timed workouts are something that most people don't do so give this a try. Use a stopwatch or cell phone as a timer. These types of workouts are high in volume and force you to maintain a high level of work throughout the entire routine.

Your goal is to get as many rounds as possible with good, proper and consistent form in 5 minutes without resting. Don't get sloppy just to get the reps in. Move quick. After 5 minutes is up rest for 1 minute and ONLY 1 minute. Repeat for 5 more minutes and make sure you get as many rounds as you did in the first set. Rest 1 minute and then do a final set of 5 minutes once again trying to equal the amount of rounds you did in set 1 and 2.

A1) Cable rows-10 reps
A2) Goblet squat ( look at picture above )-10 reps
A3) Ball slams-10 reps

Here is another trio to do with this same 5 minutes of work to 1 minute rest ratio repeated 3 total times.

B1) Push press with dumbbells-10 reps
B2) Lunges with dumbbells-6 each leg
B3 ) dumbbell curls-8 reps

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