Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 Excuses that will ruin your eating plan

1. Just one wont kill me-We all have been in that situation were that one extra slice, piece or serving doesn't seem to be a big deal or issue but in reality it is. Think about how much more work and exercise you will need to do to burn off that little bit. More often then not that just one turns into multiple just ones throughout the day and week.

2. I'm tired and don't feel like cooking so I will just hit up the drive thru-Some fast food choices have more calories in one item then someone should have in a whole day. Instead go to the health food grocery store and do the salad bar or prepared foods bar. Another option is to prep your food one night and that way you can make dinners in a more timely fashion. Don't take the easy way out when it comes to what you put in your body.

3. I'm bored- If your bored start doing crunches, pushups or jackknives( burpees ) on the floor but don't stuff your face. By eating not only will you still be bored but now you will be bored and fat and who wants to be both of those.

4. I am having a horrible day, I hate my boss, traffic was aweful, and everything that could go wrong has- If things are going bad why would you want to punish yourself by eating bad? First, don't let others control your emotions. Second, you cannot control those things going wrong so think about it that way. But what you can control is what goes in your body so do it. You can make a negative into a positive by staying in control with your workouts and eating plan.

5. I hate to waste food- No poor hungry kid will benefit from you eating and not wasting that extra food. It is ok to waste.

6. Everyone else is eating it- Good let everyone else be out of shape and fat, but you wont stray away from your goals. You run your show and no one else does.

7. I will eat better tomorrow/ I will start tomorrow-Yes you can slip and get back on track but why waste a day. Take advantage of the present and don't waste anything!


  1. this is NOT an awesome pic. But good advice. thanks.

  2. please post another Post so we don't have to see this picture first thing. Seeing this picture is enough to make anyone stop eating altogether!

  3. Haha....I just posted a new one.