Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Burn calories with this giant set

A giant set is exactly what it sounds like....its a bunch of exercises set up circuit style. This routine can be your entire workout if you do enough rounds or you can use it as part of your workout. The main focus here is lower body work and pulls. We are focusing on very metabolic lower body based exercises and pulling exercises since most people over work themselves on pushing exercises.

Round 1- All leg exercises are done for 12 reps, all pulling exercises are done for 25 reps

A1) Ball squat and slam ( squat with the med ball and then slam once you return from the squat..if you don't have med ball just do speed squats while holding a dumbbell )

A2) Band row with palms down ( move fast using a red or blue band )

A3) Drop down reverse lunges ( use a small step and start by standing on the step with both legs...step backwards and into a reverse lunge position and then bring the leg back onto the step...alternate legs....12 reps per side )

A4) Band row with palms up

A5) Deadlift with dumbbells

A6) Band row with palms facing each other

A7) Squat and press with dumbbells ( speed here! Focus on lighter weight and pressing the dumbbells as you come is one movement )

Rest 30 seconds only.....then round 2 you jump to 14 reps on all the leg exercises. After doing another round rest 2 minutes and repeat the whole sequence again starting with round 1 for 12 reps on the lower 30 seconds then do round 2 for 14 reps.


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