Monday, May 9, 2011

Random thoughts......

  • Try moving slow on your lifts. This is a great way to create more tension on the muscle and therefore bring on new growth. On the way down of the movement aim for a 5 second count, and then a 5 second count on the way up as well. Example would be bicep curl lifting the weight towards your face for 5 seconds and then lower the bar back towards the floor. Play around with different counts but don't exceed a 10 second count.

  • Want to burn more calories? Start your day off with a big glass of cold water which will help aid in keeping you more full and will kick start your metabolism. Also, do 25 reps of jumping jacks and 25 jacknives ( burpees ) to get you burning calories early and to get your metabolism going even more.

  • Cant find time for breakfast.....well then make time! Those who have breakfast eat less throughout the day, burn more calories and have smaller waist lines than those who don't. Have I got your attention now? Eat in the am!

  • Eat your spinach! Raw, cooked, steamed etc. Spinach is high in Vitamins A and C, both antioxidants. Also, spinach is a good source of iron and potassium.

  • Having trouble putting on muscle mass? Deadlift and squat more often and your whole body will grow!

  • Don't over look sleep. Sleep is just as important as your eating, workouts and stress. Sleep to get better results!


  1. All great thoughts and great reminders. I love the quick A.M. exercises. Such a good idea and one that anyone can fit into their schedule.

  2. Thanks Sharon! Love your blog as well!