Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Body Composition series # 1

For anyone who is simply trying to improve their body composition, and by body composition I mean decrease their body fat and increase their lean muscle mass, than this is for you. This whole workout consists of supersets which include an upper and a lower body exercise. This is done so that your upper body will work while the lower body rests and vice versa. What is great about this routine is you will hit the whole body with core work included. The pace of the workout will be fast for maximum calorie burn.

Always properly warmup before doing any routine.

A1) Seated straight bar row-12 reps
A2) Bodyweight speed squats ( focus on the speed of course! )-15 reps* Repeat without rest for 4-5 total rounds

B1) Pushups ( with feet slightly elevated )-12 reps
B2) Deadlift with barbell-6 reps
*Repeat without rest for 4-5 rounds

C1) Cable chops for the core-15 reps each side
C2) Pulldown with off-set grip ( one palm facing you and one palm facing away on the bar )-5 reps then switch the grips and do 5 more
* Repeat without rest for 4-5 rounds

D1) Dips-10 reps
D2) Alternating reverse lunges with dumbbells-6 reps each leg
* Repeat this without rest for 4-5 rounds

E1) Glute bridges-12 reps ( squeeze the glutes!!!!!!!!! )
E2) Jackknives -8 reps
* Repeat without rest for 4-5 rounds

Finish with some quick sprints ( track, treadmill or gym floor space )

Sprints- Use any distance but ideal would be 30-50 meters

Do 1 sprint, walk that distance x 1.......repeat this 5x more.


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