Sunday, March 4, 2012

5/1 workout

The 5/1 workout consists of three different exercise groupings of three and are time based. Generally it is best to stay between the rep ranges of 6-8 reps. I have also found it best to have the same rep scheme for all three exercises.For each circuit you will have three exercises and you will aim to get as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes then taking 1 minute of rest. You will then repeat this sequence for a total of three rounds of 5 minutes with the goal of each round being to equal the work done in the previous time period or better. It becomes a 15 minute to 3 minute work to rest ratio when done. You should be getting a solid 3 rounds on these circuits if the rep scheme is correct. Below is how it would look

Seated row-8 reps
Goblet dumbbell squat-8 reps
Stir the pot on ball-8 reps each direction

5 min of work/1 min rest/5min work/1 min rest/5min work....done

If you did 3 rounds on the first 5 min then you would aim to get 3 rounds or better on the second and third 5 min rounds. The whole idea of the 5/1 workout is to make the body work hard each and every round and not drop off in performance. I have found this method to be great for improving overall body composition and dropping body fat.

** Key point is to make sure you have quality movement. Do not sacrifice bad form to makeup time. Also make sure the weight you choose is not too heavy because you need to keep the weight the same throughout every 5 minute round to keep consistency.

Ideal exercise selection can be any of the following-

upper body pull/upper body push/lower body

upper body/lower body/core

lower body hamstring or glute dominant/lower body quad dominant/upper body

upper body/lower body/conditioning exercise like ropes or ball slams

sample workout

A1)Seated row-8 reps
A2)Goblet squat-8 reps
A3) *Stir the pot with ball-8 reps each direction
** Stir the pot is when you get yourself in a plank position with your forearms on a ball. Then you make small circles in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions by moving your forearms on the ball
5/1 ratio x 3

B1) Neutral shoulder press with dumbbells-8 reps
B2) *Hamstring curl with ball-8 reps ( if too easy you could do 1 leg at a time )
B3) Chinup-8 reps
** Lie on your back with arms extended straight out as support. Place your heels on the ball, then bridge yourself up by squeezing your glutes. Next dig your heels in the ball and draw the ball in towards your butt. You should feel this in the hamstrings.

5/1 ratio x 3

C1) Band chops-8 reps
C2) Dips-8 reps
C3) Lateral lunge with dumbbell-8 reps each leg

5/1 ratio x 3


I only like to put this into a program for 1-2 weeks before moving onto something else since this workout consists of a heavy volume of work.

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