Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 for 1 Wednesday Workouts

Workout 1- For my female readers. Great workout that involves the full body and will help you drop body fat and get the best body you can! Unlike most of my routines these one doesn't include major players like the squat, deadlift, thruster or step up but brings in new exercises like donkey kicks and lateral band walks which you might not be doing.

A1) Shoulder press Ys with dumbbells-12 reps
A2) Band kickbacks- straight back and to the side- 10 reps each way, 20 total
A3) Pullups-assisted machine or use bands for help if need be -10 reps
A4) Lateral band walks-15 each way
A5) Band chops-20 each
*4 rounds without rest

B1) Tricep rope extensions-15 reps
B2) Donkey kicks-20 reps
B3) TRX row-palms down to palms up ( use a regular row if you don't have a TRX ) 12 reps
B4) Lateral lunge with dumbbells-10 reps per
B5) V up-10 reps
* 4 rounds without rest


Workout 2-For my male readers below are two videos of different compound sets you can use on your back and bicep day if your goal is to add some size. These four exercises alone would not be your entire workout but will help add to your regular routine.

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