Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More random thoughts...

  • Great routine for the biceps-Grab a heavy pair of dumbbells that you can rep for 5 reps. Once you finish take 30 seconds of rest before grabbing the next lightest dumbbells and do at least 1 more rep than you did with the first weight. Take 30 seconds rest and then use the next lightest pair of dumbbells and aim for more reps then the second set. Keep doing this until you get do 4-5 drops.

  • Work your rear delts. Generally the posterior delts are often neglected which can lead to shoulder issues. To best work your rear delts do any version of rear delt flys or bent over lateral raises.

  • Have you tried doing farmers walks before? They are considered the standing plank exercise by some and are great for the core and just about everything. Its simple, pick up a pair of heavy, heavy dumbbells and walk around the gym. Make sure you keep your shoulder blades pulled together and chest out and posture tall.

  • If you are having trouble dropping inches and losing fat then bump up your weight training days. If you currently only do 1-2x a week with weights then go up to 3 and watch what happens!

  • Tell everybody and anybody about your goals. Let it be known that you are on a mission to drop the fat, gain the muscle or get stronger. The more people known the more support you will have and the more people can keep you accountable.

  • Stress gets over looked most often when it comes to training. Too much stress in your life will lead to limited fat loss due to the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol causes the body to store body fat particularly in the abdominal area. Not good!

  • Quick change to your fat loss workouts- Do the first half of your workout with low reps in the 5-8 range and heavy weights and then the second half of your workout go to the opposite end of the spectrum. Shoot for 15-25 reps using lighter weights and bands.

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