Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More exercise variations to try

1) Roll curl for the biceps
-This exercise does not need much resistance to complete so check your ego at the door. Also note that you must have great form and and control in order to get this movement right. Start the movement just like you would a regular standing barbell curl. Make sure the shoudlers,hips and knees are all in line. Begin by keeping the bar in contact with your upper thigh and as you lift up maintain the contact to the body all the way up. It helps to keep your elbows back as you curl it up. Do the movement with a controlled tempo and squeeze at the top. Below is a video on how to do this.

2) Sumo-Romanian Deadlift-Do this just like a Romanian deadlift but with a very wide stance and the toes pointed out. This variation with hit different aspects of the hamstrings than the traditional Romanian.

3) Ahrens Shoulder Press-Named after Chuck Ahrens, who was considered to have some of the strongest shoulders in the world. This variation of the shoulder press comes from his workouts. Set yourself up like a normal dumbbell shoulder press but instead of pressing them straight up you will press them up and away. You will essentially make a "V" with both arms. This exercise is great since it puts the medial head of the shoulder under high tension as the move is completed. Make sure to start with lighter weight and do this under control until you master the movement.

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