Monday, March 12, 2012

Try these 4 unique exercises

1) Decline Step-up

Just like doing a normal step-up but on a decline bench. Make sure your toe is a couple of inches below your heel. The foot should be on the low end of the bench. You can add a barbell or dumbbell to increase the load. Great exercise to burn the quads and butt.

2) Fly-away

Think of this as a combination of a dumbbell bench press and fly. To perform, do a regular chest press and then pause at the top and lower the weight like you would when doing a fly. Do this for each rep. Press the weight up like a bench press, fly the weight down.

3) BOSU ball pushup

Not a huge fan of the bosu ball for many things but it works great for this exercise. Turn the ball over so you can grip the bottom handles. Perform pushups and see how lit up your core gets. Try elevating your feet for an even better workout.

4) X row

This exercise can be an alternative to the seated row or pulldown. Use a cable crossover setup and grab the left handle with your right hand and right cable with left hand. Knee or sit a couple of feet in front of the cable setup making sure the cables are at its highest point. Pull and cross the handles in front of your hands until your hands end up in the middle of the pecs. Make sure to pause and contract the muscle of the mid back on each rep. Great exercise for the middle of the back.

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