Monday, April 23, 2012

10 reasons guys dont gain muscle

1) They think they are eating enough but need way more. Eat to grow!

2) They get nervous they will get fat. You need to get big first, then drop body fat.

3) They make bad food choices. Salads are for people cutting weight, not guys trying to pack on size. Eat meat and calorie dense foods!

4) They have a negative attitude. They think they are not genetically gifted or just simply cant do it.

5) They have weak workouts. You need to get in and work hard and work often!

6) They do too much cardio.

7) They lack consistency. You need to stick with your plan both eating and lifting to get gains.

8) They train wrong. Not enough big lifts like rows, benching, squats and deadlifts.

9) They drink too much

10) They get lack of sleep. You don't grow in the gym but rather outside the gym

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  1. Lots of great facts here. It is better to be knowledgeable first before you go work out so you would not waste your time.