Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 Reasons women get fat

1. They eat a low fat diet thinking fat is horrible and will make them fat.

2. They eat way too many carbs. Carbs will make your butt big and not in a J-Lo good kind of way.

3. They do endless amounts of cardio thinking if they stop they will get fat.

4. The only weights they ever use are the pink 4lb dumbbells in group fitness

5. They think a trip to Starbucks counts as good post workout nutrition.

6. The believe weight training equals bulky muscles and therefore never do it.

7. They don't make time for themselves. They make time for everyone else in their life except them.

8. They eat "healthy" cereal for breakfast and think it is full of nutrients.

9. They underestimate how many calories they eat, and overestimate how many they burn

10. They have a weakness for chocolate and most sweets. Cupcakes ring a bell?


  1. This just made me laugh. It's so true. Good seeing you this weekend!

  2. Love it! So damn true. Also, they tend to undereat all day long, and then they have a menage-a-toi with Ben & Jerry at home late evennigs

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