Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random training tips....

  • Try the 1-10 system- This was a favorite of Arnold and is generally best done with curls and bench pressing. Load up the bar with a weight you can do for only one rep with good form. Curl it or press it, then rack it and take off just enough weight so you can do two reps. Next, take off just enough so you can do three reps. Keep doing this until you finish with 10 reps. Enjoy!

  • Work more glutes and hamstrings! Odds are most of you are quad dominant and can use the posterior work.

  • Simple way to get better at pullups is to do more pullups. Not only do more but do them more often during the week.

  • Quick tips for the bench press-Push your chest up towards the bar when you lower the bar and drive your shoulders into the bench when you press. Grip the bar like crazy and press your heels into the floor.

  • If you are trying to lower body fat than add some conditioning into the end of your workouts. Hit the weights then finish with things like med ball slams, rope work, sprints, ladder work or anything along those lines.

  • If you have shoulder issues then stop all pressing movements for a month and focus on the back. Work your back three times a week without any pressing moves and see if the pain goes away.

  • One of my favorite chest routines.

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