Wednesday, April 25, 2012

H4 Body composition workout-10 exercise giant set

This workout works push/pull then targets the front side of the legs and then the back side of the legs. This allows you to hit each area of the body with the proper intensity and at the same time creates a full body metabolic effect. 

A1) Pullup ( medium grip )-10 reps
A2) Pushups-15 reps ( or as close as you can to this number) * if that is too easy then add a pause at the bottom
A3) Spilt squats with dumbbells-10 reps each leg
A4) Deadlift-10 reps
A5) Seated straight bar row-12 reps
A6) Standing neutral grip shoulder press with dumbbells-10 each
A7) Goblet squat-12 reps
A8)  Glute thrusters-12 reps
A9) Band chops-15 reps per side
A10) Bicycle crunch-25 seconds

4-5 rounds total. Take between 2min-3min between rounds depending on your level


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