Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Quick hitting fat loss tops

1. Have coffee or green tea with your breakfast to up the fat burning during your workout by as much as 15%

2. Do more bang for buck exercises like chin-ups, pull-ups, presses, rows, deadlifts and squat variations.

3. Do circuit style workout with little rest between sets

4. Drink even more water!

5. Watch out for frutose since it gets in the way of losing belly fat

6. Don't avoid fat, just eat good fats- Omega-3 fats and fat and wild meat fats.

7. Vary your routines every couple of weeks

8. Lift some weight! High reps all the time wont equal fat loss

9. Get sleep-people who get more sleep have better body composition

10. Raise how many calories you burn at rest by eating more protein


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  2. Do more hit for money workouts like chin-ups, pull-ups, clicks, series, deadlifts and go modifications.