Monday, July 9, 2012

5 New exercises to try

1) Bench press with squeeze-Simply grab a pair of dumbbells and with a neutral grip ( palms facing ) squeeze the dumbbells together as you press the weight up.Great technique to stimulate the chest!

2) Towel chin-ups/pull-ups-Wrap a towel around a bar and knock out a few reps. When you fatigue you can just grip the towel and do isometric holds. The towel will really scorch your biceps and forearms.

3) Iron cross squat-Hold a pair of dumbbells out in front of you parallel to the ground with a thumbs up grip and squat with a wide stance. As you squat up lift your arms out to your sides so you are in the iron cross position. Return to the starting position by reversing the move. This is a great conditioning exercise for the legs and shoulders.

4) Feet elevated BOSU pushups-Great for the core and shoulders and chest. Hold a BOSU ball and put your feet up on a bench or step box.

5) Decline step-up-Do this just like a normal step-up but use a decline bench.You should have your toe a little below the heal. Hold dumbbells to add load to this exercise.


  1. You have given a good advices for a new exercise and Dumbbells 10 lb is also a good weight for beginner ...

  2. wow...i will try your new exercise

  3. i can't imagine this new exercise. can you share a picture?