Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Madness!

1) Core exercise to try-

2) Chest routine to stimulate new muscle growth! This routine takes advantage of time under tension which has been shown to help increase muscle mass.

A1) Pushups- Do 1 full pushup then hold at the bottom for 1 sec, next do 2 pushups and then hold at the bottom for 2 sec...keep repeating this cycle of adding 1 rep and adding 1 sec until you cant do anymore.


A2) Flat dumbbell chest press-tempo of 5 seconds on the way up, then count 5 seconds on the way down. Do 6 reps


A3) Incline Hammer Press ( or any other incline chest machine )- Just focus on the negative. Have someone help you get to the top of the press and then slowly lower for a 10 second count. Do 6 reps

Rest for 2-3 minutes and then repeat 2 more rounds

3) Cardio/Conditioning routine to use at the end of a strength workout if your goal is fat loss or just to use on a cardio day to change it up.

ANY CARDIO EXERCISE- 60 sec, then take 10 sec recovery
1 min rest
Now repeat this sequence but each round do 10 less jumping jacks until you finish with 10

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  1. dude, great routines... but you need to find a better looking chick.