Wednesday, October 17, 2012

25 Reasons why you and fat are BFF's

1. You never exercise other than walking to the fridge
2. You haven't met a food you don't like
3. You think cardio is the answer to a better body
4. You have a long term relationship with carbs that you cant escape from
5. You think working out gives you the right to eat whatever you want
6. Sugary drinks are a staple in your diet
7. You enjoy alcohol too much and too often
8. You continue to do the same workout routine without change
9. Salad with ranch dressing please is what you say when ordering
10. Veggies are an unknown commodity to you
11. You cant help to eat breakfast muffins, bagels and donuts in the office every morning
12. Once you don't see immediate results from your training program you give up without giving it some time to work
13. Breakfast consist of coffee......
14. Your workout has zero intensity
15. Your life is sooo hard and sooo buy that there is no way you could workout or eat right
16. Fiber isn't in high enough amounts in your eating plan
17. Instead of a green tea, plain coffee or water person you are more of a orange juice, coffee with whipped cream, sugary syrup and caramel sauce person.
18. Pizza delivery guy shows up as often as the mailman does
19. You make promises to yourself that you never fulfill
20. You think its all about fat free
21. Restaurants run out of bread after each of your visits
22. If its fried then your eating it
23. You stick to the B.L.T diet ( bites, licks and tastes )
24. Working out is too hard
24. You get food from a drive thru
25. You have never stuck to a weight training program

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  1. Hi Hank, almost all your points are valid and with a minor tweak all would be valid. Carbs are not bad. Complex carbs are actually quite good for you. The kinds you find in unprocessed foods. For the average person a diet with lots of complex-carbs is actually's just our American diet contains lots and lots of refined and processed foods.