Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday- Questions answered

I often get questions sent to me from followers of my blog and thought for today's post I would answer some of them. Maybe some of you have the same questions so check it out.

Q-I want to build my chest but my triceps always seem to get fatigued before my pecs when I lift

A- This does tend to be a problem for many lifters as people can tend to be dominate in their triceps. Below are some things you can do to help this.

#1-Use the 1/2 press technique when benching-This emphasizes the bottom portion of the press which is when the chest does more work compared to the lockout when the triceps get involved more.


#2- Do negatives-By focusing on the eccentric ( lowering ) part of the movement you can help hit the chest with less worry about the triceps. Have someone then either spot you on the concentric ( pressing up ) part of lift or just press part of the way up.

#3- Pre-fatigue the chest- is pre-fatiguing a certain muscle of a body part (e.g., chest, legs, deltoids) using an isolation or "single-joint" exercise first and then finishing with one  "multiple-joint" movement. For this situation do a chest fly first followed by a dumbbell chest press. By doing this you will keep your triceps from fatiguing before the chest and forcing you to stop the press.

Q- How can I get lean legs without them looking too muscular?

A- I hear this question a ton from women and you just need to remember the following quick points.
*Weights make you tight and firm, the cardio will keep your legs thin and lean.

*Eat right to stay tight    

Q- I just dont have enough time in the day to workout for an hour so how can I get results?

A- First, thing you need to answer is how important is it to you to reach your goals? If the answer very, then you need to make sure you prioritize your life so you do have time. Second, you dont need an hour in the gym to get results. It is not about how much time you spend working out but what you do with the time. Spend less time talking, reading or messing around and more time getting work done! Start doing super-sets and tri-sets and keep moving especially if your goal is fat loss.

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