Thursday, October 11, 2012

4 Exercises to try

1) Mixed grip chin-up
* Perform this by keeping one hand facing away and one hand facing towards you. The arm with the palm facing you will get a little more work and will help you make progress into doing one arm chins. Make sure you do even amount of reps on each arm. Start your weaker arm in the palms facing towards you position.

2) Incline bench pressdowns
* Place an incline bench in front of a cable pulley station so that when you sit you will be facing away from the pulley. Make sure the pulley is at its highest point. Grip a bar and with your arms tight to your sides extend your arms. This is just basically a simple press down done on an incline bench.

3) Overhead figure 8
* Great exercise from Chad Waterbury in which you hold two dumbbells with elbows locked overhead and walk in a figure eight pattern. The distance should be about 5 yards or so. Make sure the arms stay overhead and elbows locked while palms face forward the entire time.Walk for time or for a certain amount of figure eight reps. This is a great way to hit the core and rotator cuff since the figure eight pattern increases the stability of the exercise.

4) Serratus Crunch
Hold a pair of light dumbbells and lie on your back. As you crunch up keep the dumbbells perpendicular to the floor and keep your palms facing one another. Once you get to the crunched position try and reach your arms as high as possible for a couple of seconds. If this is too easy then take your feet off the floor. Working the serratus will help your bench and keep your shoulders healthy.

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