Monday, October 15, 2012

Workouts for your Monday

Quick tricep routine to pack on muscle

A1) Close grip chest press with dumbbells- ( keep arms tucked in tight ) 10 reps
A2) Dips-10 reps
**90sec rest and repeat for 3-5 total sets

Simple body composition workout to get lean

*4 sets of each

A1) Squat and press with dumbbells-15 reps ( one smooth move and letting the legs drive the arms )
A2) One arm row with dumbbell-12 reps each
**0-60sec rest between sets depending on level

B1) Glute thrusters with barbell-10 reps
B2) Standing row w cable ( get into a light squat and keep your butt back, palms down hold the handles and row) 12 reps
**0-60sec rest depending on level

C1) One arm reverse lunge with kettlebell or dumbbell ( hold kettlebell in left arm and lunge back with the left leg and then switch arms and legs )-10 each
C2) Lateral pushups-( do a rep amount to each side that is difficult for your level )
** 0-60sec rest depending on level

D1) TRX row with palms up-12 reps
D2) Skier jumps with goblet hold using a dumbbell-10 each side
** 0-60sec rest depending on level

Finish with-

Sprint-distance equal to 50 yards ( even if its 25 there and back or however you need to break it up depending on space )
Farmers walks-same distance
Rest 1 min. Repeat for 3 rounds

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