Monday, October 8, 2012

It's my Birthday! Here are some of my favorites

1) Orgain protein shakes-I am a big fan of ready to drink protein shakes for the times when you cant blend your own and need something post workout. The problem is most ready made shakes are awful and are filled with chemicals and a bunch of things you cant pronounce. Orgain tastes great, and not only gives you protein but has the antioxidant equivalent to 10 fruits and veggies.

2) Mix 1-This another favorite of mine in terms of ready to drink shakes. Mix 1 does have more sugar than the above Orgain but it still is made with simple ingredients and tastes great.

3) Hint Water-Sometimes you want something more than water, and that's when Hint hits the spot. I will say that the taste isn't for everyone but I love it. The water is flavored with naturally and is not sweetened.

4) Nebraska Bison- Jerky makes a great high protein snack and bison is one of the best meats to eat since its low in fat, high in protein and high in Omega3s. Nebraska Bison brand is one I think tastes great and even though it is pricey it is well worth it.

5) Preacher curls-Still one of the best ways to build your biceps and below is one of my favorite workouts.

* start with the most weight, every time you increase the reps drop the weight by 5-10lbs total
Set1- 6-8 reps
Set2- 6-8 reps
Set3- 8-10 reps
Set 4- 8-10 reps
Set 5- 12 reps
Set 6-12 reps
Set 7-drop set, cut the weight by 10lbs and see how many reps you can get right after finishing set 6
*** Take 1 min of rest between sets

6) Split squats-Great for the legs and easy on the back enough said.

7)  Gymnast back routine- if you need a great routine to build your back than check this out. I like to use it as a way to start out my back workouts.   

8) Best motivational speech on success! How bad do you want it!


9) PHA for fat loss and body composition-One of the best ways to workout if your goal is dropping body fat!

10-And last would be my girlfriend Ashley! Simply the best