Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday workout

I recently started programming this type of formatted workouts for a couple of the girls I train and they instantly fell in love with it. This format calls for a heavier upper body day with a lighter leg focus and then workout 2 is the opposite. I think this is a great format if your goal is overall body composition and you are looking to drop body fat. Try mixing in these type of workouts every now and then.

Workout 1

( legs heavy, upper light )

A1) Glute thrusters w barbell-8 reps ( holding 2 sec at top ) 100lb
A2) Alternating deficit reverse lunge off small step box-8 reps each leg w dumbbells 35lbs each hand
A3) Goblet squat w dumbbell-10 reps ( deep until elbows touch thighs ) 80lbs
*90sec rest. do 4 total rounds

B1) Inverted row with palms up-15 reps
B2) Alternating lateral shoulder raises w dumbbells-15 each B3) Seated row w palms down-15 reps B4)
B3) Seated row w palms down-15 reps
B4) Dips-15 reps
*30sec rest. 4 total rounds

Finish with-
One arm kettlebell walk-go about  20-30yds, drop the kettlebell and do a plank walk with crossing the arms over one another back to where you started, then sprint back and pickup the kettlebell and put it in the other hand and walk back, then do the plank walk back and then sprint. Rest 90sec. do this 3 times

Workout 2

( upper heavy, lower light )

A1) Twist row w dumbbell ( start with palms facing away and then rotate into reg position as you row ) 8 reps each
A2) Standing one arm press-( start palm facing you, finish palm facing away )-8 each
A3) TRX row palms down-8 reps hold each for 2 sec
A4) Tricep overhead extension w rope-8 reps
*90 sec rest. 4 rounds

B1) speed squats-20 reps
B2) Alternating front lunges w arm movement for speed-20 reps each leg
B3) Split squat jumps-10 each ( 20 total )
B4) squat jumps-10
*2min-230min rest. 3 rounds

Finish with-
Pallof press-10 reps each
Burpees-12 reps
*no rest. 3 rounds

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