Monday, November 5, 2012

4 Things to try for the quads.......

Add some of these exercises to your routine to better your quads!

1) Deadman's- This exercise is equal to the glute-ham raise for the hamstrings. If you just look the exercise it looks easy but trust me it will burn up the quads real quick. I like to use this at the end of my leg day to finish the quads. If you have knee issues and need an exercise to perform that is pain free this one works. ( watch the second exercise in the video below )


2) Multiple drop set for the leg press-I got this one from a really good friend in college who used to train with me often. Start off with multiple plates on each side of the leg press. Do 6 reps each with a 6 second count on the way up and down of the press. Once you finish the 6 reps take 1 plate off each side and repeat the 6 reps each with a 6 second count on the way down and up. Again, take a plate off each side and repeat. Keep doing this until you have done 4 drop sets. Rest 3-4 minutes and do this 1 more time if you can handle it. Good luck!

3) Quad lunge-Lunges are great for building awesome legs so make sure you put them into your plan. To make the lunge better for the quads simply take a short step forward. The shorter the stride is the more quad dominant the move becomes.

4) Wall squat and then some! This one is from Ian King. This wall squat variation will sneak up in a hurry on you. Start by taking a shoulder width stance with your feet and make sure you are about a foot or two out away from the wall. Lean your back up against the wall and you are ready to go. First stance is a partial-squat stance. Hold for 10 seconds and then drop lower about 2 inches. After 10 seconds lower another 2 inches down. At this point you should be thighs parallel. Do two more drops of 10 seconds each with the last one getting as low as you can. If you want more hold a dumbbell or weight.

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