Monday, November 19, 2012

5 Arnold Principles to use

Try putting some of Arnold's methods in your next workout.

1)  1-10 System

*This is good for bicep curls or bench pressing. Load your bar with a weight you could do for 1 rep, then immediately strip weight so you can get 2 reps. Again, take off some weight and do three reps. Continue this method until you get to 10 reps.

2) Forced Negatives

* The eccentric part of the lift generally gets over looked by most guys. This method focuses on the eccentric part of the lift which can lead to better gains. The next time you bench or do curls have your training partner put extra resistance on the negative portion while you lift. Fight the weight and pressure all the way down!

3) Rest/Pause

* Do a set to failure and then wait a few seconds ( 10-15sec ) and then try to knock out another rep or two. Again, take a quick rest and do another rep or two. Arnold used to do this with pull-ups as well.

4) Partner hand off

* Do this with someone who is close to you in terms of strength. Grab an EZ curl and do the most reps you can then hand it to your partner and see if they can top you. Pass the bar back and forth without ever dropping it to the floor until  neither of you can do a rep.

5) Get the pump

* Arnold always talked about how great the feeling of the pump was. Arnold would do lateral raises and just lift the weight not far up from his thighs and hold the weight there for 10 seconds. You can also do this by holding yourself at different positions when you lower on pull-ups.

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