Monday, November 26, 2012

H4 Training Fat Burner-Another PHA style routine

A1) Standing one arm cable row with split stance-10 reps each arm
* Stand facing the cable and have the pulley at shoulder height. Row with your right hand in a neutral grip and have your right leg back.
A2) Alternating reverse lunges with dumbbells-8 each
A3) Standing dumbbell shoulder press-12 reps
* Palms facing forward
A4) Glute thrusters with barbell ( if needed )-10 reps
A5) Cable chops-12 reps each

*** 3-4 rounds. Rest 0-120sec depending on your fitness level

B1) Inverted row with mixed grip ( one palm up, one down )-6 reps in each position
B2) RFE split squat with one dumbbell-10 reps each side
* If your right leg is back on the bench then hold the dumbbell just in the right arm
B3) Dips-12 reps
B4) Lateral band walks-12 reps each
B5) Stir the pot with ball-8 each

***3-4 rounds. Rest 0-120 sec depending on your fitness level

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