Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top 3 exercises to build mass for each muscle group


1) Dips-Ian King called them the triceps equivalent to the squat
2) Close grip press-high load equals more muscle fibers which equals more growth
3) Decline close grip-decline presses have been shown to hit as much as 10% more fibers


1) Preacher curls-get big arms like the great Larry Scott with his favorite bicep builder
2) Standing barbell curls-still a staple
3) Weighted close grip chin-ups- Just works


1) Dumbbell chest press-more range of motion compared to barbell press
2) Standing cable press-one of Arnold's  favorites
3) Barbell chest press-ability to use high load will lead to gains in size


1) One arm row-classic exercise to build the lats
2) T-bar row-great to build the mid back
3) Seated row-you can use numerous grips and handles to hit the back in many ways


1) Front squat-hard for people to do but best for the quads
2) RFE split squat-hit one leg at a time and half the load on the spine
3) Leg press-not the most functional but you can smash the legs


1) Deadlift-nothing will get you the gains like this exercise
2) Glute thrusters with barbell-load the glutes to gain size
3) Long stride lunges-stretch the hamstrings into new growth

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