Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New You-Strategies for 2013!

January means everybody becomes a health nut and workout maniac, well at least for a couple of months before the the workouts lose their luster, results cant be seen and motivational goes down. This year don't let that scenario happen to you. Below are some quick strategies to help you get better this in 2013!


  • Make the plan specific to what will work to you and not what has worked for others-Sure maybe eating a veggies omelet is ideal but you know you hate to cook and you need something on the go, so instead of failure trying to follow that you do a protein shake as an replacement. If people you know lost weight by doing tons of cardio ( doubt this ) and you don't like cardio then don't do it and do free weights, classes or get involved with sports. Simple message is take what works and mold it to what will help you get the success you want.

  • Get a partner, buddy, friend, spouse, support group etc-By having that other "someone" you will increase the chance of hitting your goals. There will be plenty of times when you need that push or need the physical or mental support so get it!

  • Realize Rome wasn't built in a day-Know that this is a process and if it was that easy and quick everyone would be walking around with fitness model physiques.

  • Do you want it or do you REALLY want it? There is a big difference and most people just want it. When you finally come to grips that you REALLY want this then you will do the things needed to get the results.Step up to the plate!

  • INTENSITY-without it you will get nothing.



  • Focus on eating right as your #1,#2,#3 and #4 priority! If you are not willing to do this then forget working out.

  • Focus on full body compound exercise workouts- Think major lifts like lunges, squat and deadlift variations, pushing and pulling exercises. Keep rest to a minimum.

  • Intervals-Let high intensity short duration cardio be a major part of your plan

  • Use variety in terms of sets/reps-high, low, moderate, light, heavy etc

  • Eat right! Oh wait did I mention this? It doesn't matter! It is that important!


  • Eat! Unlike losing weight, your goal is to eat more and more and when you think you have had enough, well eat some more. Odds are you don't eat anywhere close to the amount of calories you need in order to pack on some mass.

  • Just like above, focus on main lifts and do them well.

  • Build the legs and the rest of the body will follow

  • Recovery-Give your body time to rest. The real gains come not in the gym but outside the gym, always remember this.

  • Use between 6-12 reps, moderate loads and high volume.


  • Keep it to simple lifts-Prioritize what you want to get stronger at and make sure you do it first in the workouts.

  • Heavy loads and low reps

  • Simple progressions- 3x4, then 3x5, then 3x6.....increase weight and repeat etc ( just for example )



  1. Great stuff especially about the eating. You pointed out that you can't overemphasize its importance.

  2. Hank,
    What would you suggest to eat/drink right before and after a workout? Right now I don't eat anything before I workout and afterwards I try to eat eggs, yogurt, or oatmeal. My goal is to tone, strengthen, and lose a little weight.