Monday, January 7, 2013

Old School Survivor circuit

This type of workout consists of a sequence of exercises that follow lower body, upper pull, upper push, core and then back to lower body protocol. This circuit is made up of 10 exercises and is based of the original idea from 1980's Nebraska strength coach Mike Arthur.

* You should use about 60% of your one rep max for each exercise ( ex:100lb 1 rep max, use 60lbs )

1) Glute thrusters ( add barbell if needed )-10 reps

2. TRX row with palms down ( or any other row variation )-10 reps

3. Alternating dumbbell neutral should press-10 reps each

4. Cable chops with handle-15 reps

5. Trap bar Deadlift-10 reps

6. Chin-up-10 reps

7. Close grip bench press-10 reps

8. Alternating reverse lunge with dumbbells-10 reps each

9. TRX row palms face -10 reps

10. Stir the pot-10 reps each

Do 4 rounds.. Take 2-4 minutes between rounds depending on your fitness level

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