Monday, January 28, 2013

Simple program for simple goals

If you are someone who doesn't have one distinct goal but instead want to get a little stronger, want to lose a little weight, want some hypertrophy then this program would be for you. In the program below you will train at every different rep and load scheme in order to give you a well balanced program. Just the variety alone will bring on new change to the body. I have found that this type of program can work great for weight loss as well since it helps keep people using heavy and moderate weights and not just high rep low weight.

Everything is based on a full body workout 2-3x a week format.



Focus on
*Heavy weights 
*5-8 reps per exercise
*3-4 sets of each exercise
*Upper body/Lower body super-sets work best, straight sets can work as well
* Rest periods of 45sec-1min between super-sets

A1) Pullup-6 reps
A2) RFE Split squat-6 reps



Focus on
* Light weights
* 12-15 reps ( even some 20 rep exercises )
* 3-4 sets 
* Upper body/lower body super-sets or even tri or quad sets
* Limited rest periods of less than 30sec ( if your fitness level allows )

Example of quad set
A1) Row-15 reps
A2) Goblet squat-15 reps
A3) Pushups-20 reps
A4) Walking lunge-15 reps



Focus on
* Moderate weights
* 8-12 reps
*3-4 sets
* rests 30sec-1min between sets
* compound sets, super-sets work best

Example of compound set
A1) One arm row-10 reps
A2) Pulldown-10 reps

Once you finish the 9 weeks you can start back with the strength phase even changing the length of the phases. If you find yourself getting better results with certain phases then stick with those and drop the one that doesn't yield the best results.

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